Safety and Environmental Policy

DGE is committed to operating safety and protecting the environment. We’re proud of our environmental performance. The safety and protection of our employees and the environment are top priorities at Deep Gulf Energy Companies and are fundamental aspects of our company culture and value system. This dedication to safety excellence is incorporated into all of our activities and operations. Each Deep Gulf Energy Company strictly complies or exceeds all US federal safety regulations and industry standards while operating within the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Days Since Last:
    • Recordable: 788 Days
    • LTI: 4,598 Days
  • Incident Statistcs:
    • TRIR: 0.00
  • 2017 Manhours To Date:
    • 222,136 Hours
    • 33,852 Hours – DW Asgard

  • *DGE Companies TRIR based off company-wide exposure hours.
  • *Industry TRIR based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) NAICS 211 (Oil and Gas Extraction) (Bureau of Labor Statistics has not issued 2014 data because data did not meet BLS reporting criteria and has not issued data for 2015 or 2016.)
  • *IADC TRIR based on IADC U.S. Water Statistics; data gathered from IADC ASP/ISP yearly reports 2005-2016

2017 Safety and Environmental Performance

  • Total Recordable Injury Rate – 0
  • Lost Time Injury Rate – 0
  • Environmental Incidents or Spills – 0
  • Incidents of Non-Compliance – 0

Safety and Environmental Management System

  • Deep Gulf Energy Companies have a proven track record for safety, environmental protection, technical competence, and regulatory compliance.
  • Deep Gulf Energy Companies have implemented and operate with a comprehensive Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) program to identify, address, and manage safety and environmental impacts and issues during design, drilling, construction, startup, operation, inspection, and maintenance of new, existing, or modified facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, Outer Continental Shelf.
  • Deep Gulf Energy Companies implementation of SEMS is creating safer and environmentally protective facilities.
  • Deep Gulf Energy Companies verify that work locations adhere to our standards through field evaluations.

Deep Gulf Energy Companies Contractor Management

  • We value our contractors and partner with them to deliver high quality projects that produce oil and gas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Contractors play a vital role in executing work in our deepwater projects with their extensive experience and commitment to safe and environmentally responsible operations.
  • We utilize ISNetworld and a team of dedicated safety and environmental professionals to evaluate our contractors’ performance as well as their health, safety, and environmental programs.
  • We evaluate all contractors’ performance and ongoing programs prior to their initial hire and every two years to confirm high safety, environmental, and technical standards of work execution.

We are proud to work with contractors whose historical safety and environmental performance is better than the industry average.



Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS)

Deep Gulf Energy’s goal is to protect our people, protect the environment where we operate and to confirm our activities do not affect our neighbors and the world around us. Deep Gulf Energy has a comprehensive Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) that is integrated into our activities and operations. Deep Gulf Energy also confirms that Safe Work Practices are implemented at our work locations to protect personnel. Additionally, Deep Gulf Energy performs verifications that work is being conducted in accordance with the federal requirements and industry standards.

#1 Goals & Metrics

We set project goals and keep performance metrics to verify continual improvement of the DGE SEMS.

#2 Safety and Environmental Information

We confirm that all project designs and equipment records are kept to demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry standards.

#3 Hazards Analysis

We conduct reviews of projects and material changes to projects to verify they are designed, drilled constructed, operated, maintained, and decommissioned properly.

#4 Management of Change Process

We manage changes to equipment and equipment design and operation by considering the impact of the change and informing affected personnel of the change.

#5 Operating Procedures

We develop written operating procedures to confirm operational safely and protection of the environment.

 #6 Safe Work Practices

We evaluate and authorize all contractors’ Safe Work Practices based on DGE standards, before work begins.

 #7 Training

We confirm all employees and contractors have the proper training and skills for their assigned job duties.

#8 Mechanical Integrity

We confirm proper design and ongoing maintenance of equipment, including human factors.

#9 Pre-Startup Safety Reviews

We review equipment and equipment conditions prior to authorizing the startup or restart of facilities.

#10 Emergency Response Management

We confirm that projects and operations have the necessary Emergency Action Plans detailing the required actions of personnel to safely control and environmentally protect the Gulf of Mexico. DGE trains personnel on these plans and conducts the appropriate drills to confirm that all personnel are able to respond properly.

#11 Investigation of Incidents

We or our contractors investigate actual or potential incidents to understand its root cause and implement appropriate corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.

#12 Auditing

We contract external auditors to assess SEMS and confirm continual improvement.

#13 Records and Documentation

We retain proper data, records, and documents to confirm SEMS meets all regulatory requirements.

#14 Stop Work Authority

We confirm that all personnel understand their right to stop work if it is creating imminent risk or danger.

#15 Ultimate Work Authority

We confirm that all personnel understand who has the Ultimate Work Authority for activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

#16 Employee Participation

We confirm that employees are consulted during the development and implementation of SEMS.

#17 Reporting of Unsafe Working Conditions

We confirm that all personnel know the procedures for reporting unsafe working conditions.