We occasionally have to rely on state security personnel or private security companies because our operations are often a significant source of investment and revenues for our host governments. In order to minimize risks associated with these arrangements, we will seek to ensure that personnel providing security services to our operations have been vetted against prior involvement in human rights abuses and are appropriately trained regarding human rights and the appropriate use of force.

Our Business Principles were designed in accordance with the Voluntary Principles on Security in Human Rights. Because we operate primarily offshore, we are focused on understanding the application of the Voluntary Principles to situations that may arise specific to that environment.

For further information, please see: Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Security and Human Rights in Cameroon

Oil and gas operations in most countries are classified as national assets and thus state military forces often provide security to ensure the safety of the asset and foreign personnel. This was the case in Cameroon, where the Battalion d’Intervention Rapide (BIR), a special unit of Cameroon’s military, provided security for the Sipo-1 well. Because the Sipo-1 well required BIR to work in close proximity to local villages unfamiliar with a military presence, Kosmos identified potential risks associated with this arrangement and took action.

In keeping with our commitment to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, we worked with The Fund for Peace, a U.S.-based organization that works to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security, to develop and conduct community relations and human rights training for BIR personnel. The Fund for Peace collaborated with BIR to design and implement a new type of program that combined a traditional classroom training curriculum with a true-to-life comic book series based on firsthand experiences and other real-life scenarios faced by the BIR in their day-to-day operations. The “Captain Cameroun” comic books were readily and easily disseminated throughout the battalion and helped to bring the more traditional training curriculum to life. Since the BIR was involved in creating the program, its officers visibly supported the initiative and continue to serve as advocates for respecting human rights in their operations. To read more about this initiative, visit The Fund for Peace’s website at

Based on the success of this training program, we plan to take a similar approach in other places where we operate.

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