Maximized Results, Minimized Costs

Wood Mackenzie estimates that 70% of the nameplate capacity of the existing deepwater GOM facilities will be available by 2017. This bodes well for Deep Gulf’s business plan and provides a board area to search for new opportunities.

  • Don Larsen

    Don Larsen

    Don Larsen EB 598 #2 is operated by Anadarko Petroleum and flows in a looped flowline system tied back to Boomvang spar.  Don Larsen is an oil well that came on production in October of 2007.
    East Breaks Block 598
  • Gladden


    The Gladden Field is operated by W&T Offshore and flows in a single flowline system tied back to Murphy’s Medusa Spar.  Production commenced in February 2011.
    Mississippi Canyon Block 800
  • Danny


    The Danny Field is a one well  subsea tieback in Garden Banks, Block 506 that is operated by Talos Energy and flows in a single flowline system tied back to the East Cameron 381 platform.  Production commenced in February 2010.
    Garden Banks Block 506
  • Sargent


    The Sargent Field is operated by DGE I and flows in a single flowline system tied back to Genesis’ GB 72 platform.  Production commenced in March 2010.
    Garden Banks Block 339
    Deep Gulf Energy LP
  • Kodiak Project

    Kodiak Project

    The Kodiak Field was originally discovered by BP and partners in 2008. The discovery well logged over 400 net feet of Middle and Lower Miocene oil pay. An appraisal well was drilled in 2009 that delineated the field. DGE II bought BP’s working interest in the field in 2012. Subsequently DGE II farmed-in the interest of another existing leaseholder and then...
    Mississippi Canyon Blocks 727 & 771
    Deep Gulf Energy ll
  • Marmalard Project

    Marmalard Project

    The Marmalard Field was discovered in 2012 by a well that was operated by LLOG.  To date, four wells have been successfully drilled and completed in multiple middle Miocene pay sands. The wells are tied into a subsea manifold located in MC 300 which is tied back to the Delta House FPS with dual flow lines.  The field...
    Mississippi Canyon Blocks 255, 256, 300, 301 and 344
    5746' - 6131'
  • Son of Bluto II

    Son of Bluto II

    The Son of Bluto II Field was discovered in 2012 in Mississippi Canyon 431.  The discovery well encountered pay in two middle Miocene zones.  The well was completed and began production in 2015.  A second well may be drilled pending reservoir performance.  The well is tied back to the Delta House FPS with dual flow lines. ...
    Mississippi Canyon Blocks 431
  • Odd Job

    Odd Job

    The Odd Job Field was initially discovered by Eni with a well in MC 214. DGE II subsequently took over operatorship and drilled a well in MC 215 that discovered a second larger Miocene reservoir that proved the commerciality of the Odd Job field. Odd Job will be developed with 2-3 subsea wells tied...
    Mississippi Canyon Blocks 214 & 215
    Deep Gulf Energy II
  • Tornado


    The Tornado Field is a Pliocene oil discovery made by DGE III in 2016 in Green Canyon 281. The discovery well was drilled in a down dip position and encountered 291 TVD feet of high quality oil pay. Subsequently the well was sidetracked to an up dip take point and found 281 TVT net feet of oil pay. The...
    Green Canyon Blocks 280/281
    Talos Energy
  • Big Bend

    Big Bend

    The Big Bend Field was discovered by Noble Energy in 2011. The discovery well encountered 121 net feet of oil pay in the middle Miocene. DGE III bought an interest in the field post-discovery. The field is jointly developed with Noble’s Dantzler discovery and the shared subsea system consists of dual flowlines tied back to the Thunder Hawk FPS. First production...
    Mississippi Canyon 698
    Noble Energy
  • Delta House Area Discoveries

    Delta House Area Discoveries

    Delta House is a semi-submersible floating production system built and operated by LLOG Exploration. The facility is located in Mississippi Canyon. The vessel was built to exploit three discoveries in the area, and DGE II owns an interest in two of them. The vessel was installed in 2015 and commenced production in May 2015. In addition to the...
    Mississippi Canyon Block 254
    LLOG Exploration
  • Barataria


    The Barataria Field is a Miocene oil and gas discovery made by DGE III in 2015 in Mississippi Canyon 521. The well was completed and brought on line in 2017. Barataria is developed with South Santa Cruz and tied back to the Blind Faith FPS.
    Mississippi Canyon Block 521
    Deep Gulf Energy III
  • South Santa Cruz

    South Santa Cruz

    The South Santa Cruz Field is a Miocene discovery made by DGE III in 2015 in Mississippi Canyon Block 563. The well was completed and brought on line in 2017 with plans to drill  a second well to an adjacent fault block.  South Santa Cruz is developed with Barataria and tied back to the Blind Faith FPS.   ...
    Mississippi Canyon Block 563
    Deep Gulf Energy III