Rampart Deep Prospect

Rampart Deep is located in northeastern Mississippi Canyon, approximately 8.5 miles south of the Pompano Field. The prospect is comprised of multiple amplitude anomalies in the Upper and Middle Miocene sections with excellent AVO response, analogous to oil producing reservoirs in the Pompano (>150 MMBOE) and Herschel (30 MMBOE) fields. Additionally, the prospect lies within the broader Pompano Field structure. The prospect mean reserve potential is 32 MMBOE. DGE III successfully drilled the initial well on the prospect and is currently evaluating results.

Key Facts:

  • Area: Mississippi Canyon 116 & 117
  • Operator: DGE III
  • Water Depth: 2600’
  • Working Interest : 30%
  • Anticipated Spud Date: 2017