Oldfield Prospect

Oldfield is located along the northeastern margin of the Tubular Bells/Kodiak basin in south-central Mississippi Canyon. The prospect is comprised of a Middle Miocene amplitude anomaly which truncates against the base of salt and exhibits good structural conformance, similar to analog accumulations like Kaikias (>100 MMBOE), West Boreas (120 MMBOE) and Deimos (10 MMBOE). This anomaly truncates against the same salt body that provides the trap for the Tubular Bells Field (>100 MMBOE) reservoirs. The mean prospect reserve potential is 32 MMBOE. LLOG Exploration will operate the Oldfield exploratory well.

Key Facts:

  • Area: Mississippi Canyon 684
  • Operator: LLOG Exploration
  • Water Depth: 5100’
  • Working Interest : 11%
  • Anticipated Spud Date: 2018