Kodiak Project

The Kodiak Field was originally discovered by BP and partners in 2008. The discovery well logged over 400 net feet of Middle and Lower Miocene oil pay. An appraisal well was drilled in 2009 that delineated the field. DGE II bought BP’s working interest in the field in 2012. Subsequently DGE II farmed-in the interest of another existing leaseholder and then brought in new partners, including DGE III, Murphy and LLOG. DGE II drilled and completed a development well in 2015 that will exploit three of the primary field pay zones. The Kodiak well completion was the highest pressure and temperature frac-pack completion in the Gulf of Mexico.

The well is tied-back to the Eni/Williams’ Devils Tower floating production facility. The 15,000 psi working pressure flowline is clad with a corrosion resistant alloy liner because of the high CO2 content. Production equipment for Kodiak was installed on Devils Tower via two modular decks. A unique set of buoys was added to the mooring system to offset the weight of the new equipment.

Production from Kodiak began in March 2016 from the U4 and U8 zones. The well initially flowed at a restricted rate of 12,500 BOPD. The Q completion was opened and comingled with the U sands in January 2017 resulting in a rate of 15,000 BOPD. A second well is planned for the field after several months of production history are gathered from the initial completions.


Key Facts:

  • Location: Mississippi Canyon 727 & 771
  • Operator: DGE II
  • Water Depth: 4883′
  • Working Interests: 20% (DGE II) 9.0625% (DGE III)


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