Derbio Prospect

Derbio is located in northern Mississippi Canyon southwest of the Pompano Field. The prospect is an amplitude supported 4-way closure of middle Miocene sands. The Derbio targeted sands were recently discovered at DGE III’s Mississippi Canyon 116 #1 Rampart Deep. The Derbio well will drill updip of these know hydrocarbons. With the discovery at MC 116 #1 Rampart Deep, the amplitude associated with the M57 Sand is believed to be a Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator. The Derbio well will be drilled in this same amplitude. The mean reserve potential is up to 900 BCFE with a high condensate yield.

Key Facts:

  • Area: Mississippi Canyon 72
  • Operator: Deep Gulf Energy III
  • Water Depth: 1800’
  • Working Interest: 25%
  • Spud Date: 1H 2018