Focus and Dedication

Based in Houston, Deep Gulf Energy is a private, growth-orientated exploration and production company focused in the Deepwater GoM. Deep Gulf focuses onlow-risk exploration and development opportunities near existing infrastructure in oil prone areas that can be tied back to existing production facilities in a safe efficient manner. We have a highly experienced management team with 30 years of experience in the Deepwater GoM, on average, and 20 years of experience working together exclusively in the Deepwater GoM. Our primary backer is the First Reserve Company – a large private equity firm focused in the energy space with over $30 billion in assets under management. Since 2005 Deep Gulf has had three ventures with First Reserve. During this period we have invested more than $1.5 billion in the deepwater GOM. Deep Gulf is an active operator with an exceptional safety record.

There are three Deep Gulf Energy companies that hold interests in federal leases in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, being Deep Gulf Energy LP (sometimes called DGE I or Deep Gulf Energy I), Deep Gulf Energy II, LLC (sometimes called DGE II or Deep Gulf Energy II), LLC and Deep Gulf Energy III, LLC (sometimes called DGE III or Deep Gulf Energy III). References on this website to the “Deep Gulf Energy Companies”, “Deep Gulf Energy” or similar type references are meant at a collective reference to DGE I, DGE II and DGE III.


  • > Exploration and Production Company focused solely in the Deepwater GoM
  • > Private company backed by the First Reserve Company
  • > Proven Management Team with over 20 years of experience executing projects in the Deepwater GoM
  • > Founders of Mariner Energy (1996)
  • > Three ventures with First Reserve (2005-present)
  • > Excellent safety record since inception
  • > Based in Houston, Texas
  • > Employees and consultants: 84
  • > Operated 2 Deepwater rigs first half of 2015
  • > Invested over $1.4 billion in the Deepwater GoM since inception of Deep Gulf