Since 2007, Kosmos has discovered eight commercial fields in Ghana.


A Visionary, Disciplined Approach

Kosmos pursues a pathfinder’s strategy. We have the vision to find new and emerging petroleum systems in frontier settings and the discipline to develop them safely, quickly and profitably. What differentiates Kosmos is our exploration efficiency – we are a proven, serial finder of large oil and gas resources at better than industry average rates in high potential, higher risk exploration sectors. We expeditiously identify and capture significant acreage positions through a bottoms-up geologic approach to exploration. Our intent is to grow the business through organic exploration success, development and production.

Our Jubilee field production and significant available liquidity give us a solid financial position to develop on additional discoveries offshore Ghana, as well as pursue new oil and gas exploration finds in Africa and South America.

Deep Expertise, Contrarian Spirit

Our strategy is built on our deep expertise. We are a focused team of intelligent, proven oil finders, who are expert in deploying the most advanced technology in areas with substantial potential. Where others see only risk, we have the expertise to see the potential opportunity, the ability to capitalize on it and the agility to act quickly.


Kosmos partners with established industry players and host governments, and collaborates with local entrepreneurs as well. We are a nimble, unbureaucratic company, so we can create value quickly – for governments, industry partners, shareholders and our team.

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